I love positive psychology! It might not be for everyone but I can really see the value of this scientific movement. Being able to look at our past, present and future from a constructive perspective can help us to achieve psychological wellbeing and there are elements of Positive Psychology which I have found to be very helpful to apply within therapy.

Next year I will be studying this subject to new depths as it is the focus for my Master’s research project so to help me get started on developing my understanding, I have enrolled on the Bailey and French summer school.

Bailey and French are experts in the application of Positive Psychology. When I saw the invitation to their summer school, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to further my knowledge and understanding.

The combination of webinars, book clubs and personal study is a fantastic combination and the opportunity to network with experts in the field is a bonus!

If you fancy reading more about this topic, I would recommend reading ‘Flourish’ by Martin Seligman.