I guess I always start thinking about change in September – it’s the new term, a new season is on the way and there’s usually a new routine to get used to. The transition into change is heralded by the ‘back to school’ adverts and the coolness of the evenings – I know it’s on the way, but sometimes I just don’t want things to change and I think a lot of us share this feeling.
Preparing for change can be helpful – walking the new route to school before term starts or sussing out the new car park before starting a new job can help us to adjust to a new way of doing things. Most of the time we adjust to change and all is well – but sometimes we can feel like it’s a bit too much – perhaps the change isn’t what we wanted or it’s a daunting prospect? This is where counselling can help.
Expecting the unexpected
Some of us love the excitement of change, but for many of us, especially if the change is unexpected, it can be daunting. Therapy can really help us to adapt when life throws us a curve ball. Exploring how we respond to situations can make such a difference as we move forward through life.
Decision making
Some life transitions take some figuring out. Making big decisions can feel overwhelming and exciting (and everything else in between!) which is when talking things through with a therapist can really help us to prioritise, plan and figure things out to help us move forward.
I hold the belief that therapy has to work for the client – the idea of having a therapist ‘on call’ – someone who perhaps you don’t see all that often, but you know they are there when needed is pretty cool in my opinion (and successful). If you would like to discuss how counselling could support you through your life transitions, please get in touch:
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